Saturday, 19 April 2014

Freedom of Your Eyesight

 "Freedom for Your Eyesight" is a series of paintings, it is a new form of art that I am experimenting with. These paintings are abstract. In these paintings the painter do not give you  any information about the  theme of the picture. This  way  it allows  you to have the freedom to choose what you see in each painting.
Please  kindly add  your  comments, write and tell me what you saw in each of the paintings. Thank you  for your time.
Number One
Number Two

Number Three

Paintings and photographs dome  by  Blue Bird.
Since working at BBC (2001) I use the nickname as
Blue Bird.


  1. Csodálatos a színek játéka ,Gratulálok örülök aktivitásodnak .Igyekszem jobban át nézni ma jöttem haza Kecskemétről kiállításról .Szerető ölelés:)

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